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MSECM provides event services for various sports in close co-operation with our service providers and with the different sports federations, ensuring that our services always meet the specific sporting requirements. The long experience and the large amount of events conducted by our personnel will give you the security that also your event will be a success.

This philosophy allows us to incorporate technological innovation as the sporting regulations evolve, and to provide services where the goal is to display the performances of athletes who have dedicated their very existence to these achievements, and to transmit this data more and more quickly, to an increasing number of the general public who have a thirst for more and more statistical information.


MSECM is the specialist in large and small sport events for athletics, swimming, cycling and most other sports. Our long tradition in providing event services, our internationally respected experts, and our unique experience gives us the security to guarantee you an excellent service and a large support for your specific project.


As all our sport solutions are developed by ourselves and our direct partners, there is a huge flexibility and they can be adjusted for almost any need.


For detailed references see the following link: reference page